Essaouira: the must-see windy town

The windy city of Africa Essaouira situated in the western Moroccan on the Atlantic coast. The breezy city has many breathtaking sites that will refresh your eyes. 

For every visitor, the first thing that they capture is the island “Il de Mogador”. It is actually two islands and several small islands; it will steal your attention from its fascinating structure. Another must-see in Essaouira is the Ramparts a defense walls that protect a castle and still standing strongly till nowadays. The Ramparts with its cannons not only a historical monument but also it gives you the perfect view over the seaside. 

I bet you are excited to see more of the city now; the “Sidi Mohamad Ben Abdellah Museum” is the next destination. The museum considered the best one in the city displaying historical artifacts, from jewelry to ancient pottery. 

And you cannot visit Essaouira without taking your shoes off and walking along the amazing beach. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to enjoy your time horse riding on the sand or even renting a surfboard for some windsurfing. 

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