The beating heart of Marrakesh: Jemaa el-Fna

Marrakesh is the perfect destination for you if you want to get to know Morocco. All people around the world who had never visited Morocco they make sure that their first step is Marrakesh. When you hear Marrakesh the second thing that comes into your ears is “Jamaa el Fna” the beating core of the city.

 “Jemaa el Fna” the most crowded and energetic area in the city. Everybody and everything you can imagine and you can’t is in that area, from snake charmers and monkey trainers to traditional food and handmade souvenirs. Also, you can find dancers, story-tellers, magicians, water sellers and peddlers of traditional medicines and even traditional band singers you just name it.

 The sun is down and you properly got hungry. Well, turn aside you noticed those colorful opened-air tents – there where you can find the most delicious food in the city. The menu list is very traditional as it contains Tajine, Msemmen, Harrira (soup), Kebab and the freshly made lemon juice. The list of food is very rich with more other food names you have to experience it yourself, so you can say I’ve been there.

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